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be now.

Kristie Dahlia Home offers a broad spectrum of support for a wide-awake and joyful life: yoga, thai yoga massage, reiki training, meditation course, spiritual counsel, weddings and ceremonies.

The Bird of Freedom

The yogic teachings say that there are two wings on the bird of freedom: practice and nonattachment, abhyasa, and vairagya.

After 22 joyous years of service in sharing healing arts and in the 20th year of my marriage, my husband and I have chosen to take to the sea. As of September 2017, I am living on S/V Rejoice, a 40' Hallberg-Rassy sailboat, and wandering with my beloved. The plan is to live without a plan for a time. The plan is to take to the sea and just be. Just be being. As I write this, I am in the final weeks of life on land. I cannot imagine this endeavor without my practice. I am grateful to every single person who has shared the ground with me these 22 years. Thank you. I love you.

If you wish to schedule a session via phone with me for meditation instruction, energetic healing, or spiritual counsel, please drop a line to There will likely be times where I do not have email access for a good spell; I will reply as I am able.

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May we all be free.